What Is BlackTalon?

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BlackTalon provides instrumentals for Recording


Fashion Designers for fashion shows, Bloggers,

YouTubers and Gamers worldwide. If you are in need of

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About Malc


At my core I am a Hip Hop head. I began my musical

journey as a Hip Hop producer with dreams of becoming

one of the greatest to ever touch an MPC. I realize that I

may never reach that goal but armed with a unique sound

and a strong desire to provide an alternative to all of the

copycat music out

there, I want to give people something different. Or for

people that still love classic Hip Hop, something familiar…

Born in Queens, NY and raised in Charlotte, NC on 90’s

Hip Hop, Reggae, R&B and Soul music I am a dedicated

member of the culture. For that reason I feel I have an

obligation to uphold and continue the legacy set forth by

those that have come before me. My musical influences

range from DJ Premier, Pete Rock, RZA, Dr. Dre,

Timbaland, Organized Noise, 9thWonder, Kanye West, DJ

Paul, Lil John and younger gods such as Shawty Redd, Lex

Luger and Metro Boomin.

The Vision


First, I respect anyone in the game who is is successful in

making music people wish to hear. At the same time, I feel

like there is a growing division in what is classified as

urban music.

My aim is to give the world what Hip Hop means to me.

 If you’re an artist who feels the same as I do,

join me as we continue to move the Hip Hop culture




I create visuals through the use of sound manipulation